I'm clawing at the inside of my skin
it doesn't fit me anymore
but itches and suffocates

I want to strip myself naked
jump up and down
disassemble the shelves
blood stripe the walls

I want to scream at the top
of a voice I don't know
hunt that voice down
conquer it
force it to ring from my lips

I want to slip into
the skin of a cheetah
and run past myself
down the beach, in the surf
away from this climbing of walls
my blood and my heartbeat
pounding senseless the pain

I want to rip open
this prison of safety I've built
with my teeth and my nails
tear the foundation apart

I want to salivate and sweat
open my arms
arch my back
explode my spirit free

And where will she go?
Who will she be?
Will I ever return?

The answers escape and frighten me.
So will I relent and relax?
Will I stay home
keep caged the beast?
Refuse the Goddess Her due?

No way in hell!
I'll call to the poet
the raven haired one
the speaker of dreams
who sparks with a pen
the fire within.

Together we'll run
together create
conjure the powers up

We'll froth and lick
and masticate
become our other selves
embrace the shadow
kiss his mouth
caress every fang
with a soft pink tongue

We'll eat on the ground
slink through the forest
and dance by the light of the moon

We'll drink from the vine
in hearty gulps
leaving delicate sips
for forgotten days
and we'll laugh!

We'll ignore the seduction of sleep
undulate with
the pull of the sea
salty and sweet
and liquid we three

Try not to influence
nor come between
and my flesh hungry lust

There are ancient storms
secrets untouched
galaxies inside my eyes

Allow me to rage
you've no other choice.
Your girl will be back

for Jane
during the endless, awful summer

by Natalie Noel


© Natalie Noel